The Band

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(From left) Matthew Watson, Lenny-Dee Doucha, Bergen Nielson.



This eclectic dream-pop trio from Johannesburg has a unique energy that is palpable through their music, awakening your mind’s eye. The sound stems from various styles with evocative vocals at the essence of their songwriting.

Their sound is ambient and ethereal and can be described as eclectic dream-pop with a dark underlying spirit.

The band consists of three members, Lenny-Dee Doucha, Matthew Watson and Bergen Nielson.


Bye Beneco – ‘Witchport’


Bye Beneco – ‘Paraffin’


Bye Beneco – ‘Chemirocha’

Chemirocha is not only a song that comes from the Kipsigi tribe in Kenya but it also tells the story of how the American yodler, Jimmy Rogers (Chemirocha), became a God like symbol for the tribe.

Bye Beneco have done their own rendition of the beautiful ‘worship’ song that creates another interesting context.
Bye Beneco ‘ s sound is ever changing, colourful, vibrant, expressive and unconventional as they take on a different element to traditional story telling in their songs.
The music video has it’s own craziness to it, in the visuals and the song itself, whilst still remaining true to the original song, watch as you are taken on a colourful crazy journey.

Produced by Matthew Fink for Just Music.


Bye Beneco – ‘True Vision’ 


Bye Beneco – ‘Overwhelm’


MANAGER: Josh Georgiou


BOOKING AGENT: Natalie Poppy Boyce


Number: +274 133 9432


LABEL: Just Music

PHONE: 011 450 3584